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صورة الملف الشخصي
Current Issue: Volume 56, Issue 4, April 2025 

Uncommon Cysticercus bovis-induced Liver Lesions in Slaughtered Beef Cattle Imported from Sudan

Pages 669-677


Mohamed Hesham; Mohamed Salah El-Din Youssef; Sary Khaleel Abd-elghaffar; Salwa Mahmoud Abd-Elrahman

A meta-analysis of Preclinical Studies About The Effect of Spray-dried Porcine Plasma on Microbiota Composition

Pages 679-690


Momunova Aigul Abdykerimovna; Fakher Rahim; Lyailya Alekesheva; Toguzbaeva Karlygash; Sokolov Dmitriy Konstantinovich; Kenesh Dzhusupov; Abzal Zhumagaliuly

Seasonal Variations Alter Drinking Water Quality at Different Points in The water Distribution Systems of Cattle Farms in Egypt

Pages 757-768


Mohammed Abdelhameed Mohammed Kamal; Mahmoud Abdelaty Khalf; Zakia Attia Mohamed; Jakeen Eljakee; Soliman Mohammed Soliman; Rashed A. Alhotan; Elsayed O. Hussein; Branislav Galik; Mustafa Shukry; Ahmed Saleh