Oedematousskin Disease in Buffaloes and Cows

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BUFFALOES examined during summer 2006, out of 176 buffaloes examined 46 animals proved to be contract the disease representing a morbidity rate of 26.1%. On the other hand, out of 120 examined cows, 20 proved to be infected with the disease representing a morbidity rate of 16.6%. Concerning the clinical signs that observed in this epidemic, the disease occurred in 4 forms. The first is the edematous form which appeared in buffaloes more than in cattle. The second form was the ulcerative form, and it was more common in cattle than buffaloes. The 3td was the nodular form and the 4ln form was the mixed, the bacteriological examination, showed symptoms of edematous skin disease Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis was isolated as a single infection. The phospholipase D toxin bands of the isolated pathogens were in a molecular size of 37 and 39 KDa. Serological investigation by using agar gel immunodiffusion test was strongly positive in serum samples. On the other hand, the OD reading of ELISA above the cut off point (0.28) was recorded in serum samples.