Volume & Issue: Volume 56, Issue 5, May 2025 
Cow, Season and Disease Risk Factors Associated with Subfertility in Holstein Cows

Pages 863-874


Mahmoud Abdelsabour Elmaghraby; Athanas Ngounndji; Mohamed Mahmoud Fathala; Ferial Mohamed Sahwan

Preparation of Combined Inactivated Oil Adjuvanted Pasteurella Spp. and Clostridium Spp. Vaccine (Pneumoclost) in Sheep

Pages 875-884


Fatma Ibrahim; Mahmoud Tawfik Ahmed Ismail; Manal Mohamed; Marwa Ahmed; Moustafa Zaghloul; Yasser Adawy; Eman El Rawy

Melatonin Mechanism to Mitigate Aging-related Changes in the Liver, Kidney, and Brain in Rats

Pages 993-1004


Zainab Abdulkarim Kasim; Zein Ibrahim; Mustafa Shukry; Michel Fahmy; Shawky Shaban Mahmoud

The Behavioral Aggressiveness, Social Stress and Physiological Parameters Screening in Local Egyptian Chicken Strains

Pages 1005-1015


Ramadan Dardeer El Shoukary; Ayman Swelum; Fatma Ali; Heba Gharib; Jayant Lohakare; Ahmed A. Abdel Wareth; Ahmed A. Abuoghaba

Association of Vitamin D and Antioxidant Minerals with Interferon -λ1 (Interleukin‌-29) level in Type 2 Diabetic Patients

Pages 1075-1080


Rawaa Adday Ali; Entissar Abdul latif Abdul Reda; Hamid Jaddoa Abbas; Hanaa Addai Ali; Naser Ali Naser; mohauman mohaummed majeed

Gene Expression of Oxidative/Antioxidative Markers, VDR, CAMK4 and Ceruloplasmin in Baladi Sheep a with Minerals Deficiency

Pages 1121-1133


Rania Emam; Prof Mohamed M Ghanem; Yassine Abdel-Raof; Heba M. EL-khaiat; Ahmed Adel Elsayed; Mahmoud Atef Helal