Volume & Issue: Volume 56, Issue 2, February 2025 
Assessment of Quality and Safety of Some Imported and Locally Sourced Fish in the Egyptian Markets

Pages 273-287


Aly Ahmedou; Ibrahim Ibrahim Al-Hawary; Muneer Alsayadi; Taha Yassine; Ahmed Elshafey; Zizy Ibrahim Elbialy

Early Detection of Renal Damage Using Kidney Injury Molecule -1 (KIM-1) In Dogs Associated with Dehydration

Pages 369-375


Noha Mahmoud Ryad; Eman Shawky Ramadan; Mohamed Awny El khiat; noha Yousef salem; Ibrahim Abdelsatar Saleh

Molecular Characterization of Pasterulla Multocida in Fattening Bovine

Pages 397-404


Ahmed Radwan; Islam Zakria; Rania AboSakya; Faysal Arnaout; Abdelfattah Selim

A Comprehensive Analysis and Assessment of Vitamin D with Inflammatory Biomarkers Levels Among Acute COVID-19 Infected Patients

Pages 405-415


Ahmed Gharib; Nawal Hassanain; Ahmed Mohamed maher; Raafat Mohamed Shaapan; Niveen Mohammed Ghoraba; Samy Zaky; Mai Elsheikh

Prevalence of Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus in Sheep in Nineveh Province

Pages 417-425


Khder Jassiem Hussain; sadam hasan ali; Osama Azeldeen Azeldeen ِAbdulla; osama muwaffag muwafaq; Qaes Talb Alsarhan