Volume & Issue: Volume 55, Issue 3, May and June 2024, Pages 607-750 
Prevalence of Blood Protozoa in Cattle in Babylon Governorate, Iraq

Pages 633-642


Alyaa S.K. Al-Shammari; mozhir kadhum Almahdawi; Abdulsatar S.S. Al-Bayati

Testicular Biometry, Spermigram, and Biochemical Parameters In Male Goats

Pages 671-679


Ibrahim Samir; Fatma Ali; Ragab Mohamed; Nasra Yousef; Ahmed Elsebaey; Rawia M Ibrahim; Enas Noseer; Safaa Nour; Hassan Ali Hussein

Prebiotic and Probiotic: A Promising Tool in Human Colon Cancer Prevention

Pages 817-824


Sara Kamal Bashir; Gihan M. El Moghazy; Mohammed H. Abdel Aal; Jakeen K. El Jakee

Epidemiological Disclosing and Molecular Subtyping for the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Viruses H5N8 in Commercial Broilers and Layer Chickens in some Egyptian Governorates

Pages 825-834


Sameh Abdel-Moez Amer; Hagar Magdy Ahmed; Eman Ramadan Hassan; Hoda Mohamed Mekky; Mohamed Abd El Rahman Bosila; Nagwa Saad Rabie; Khaled Mohamed El Bayoumi; Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Baki; Asmaa Mahmoud Maatouq

Molecular Detection and Characterization of Haemoplasmas in Different Animal Species in Egypt

Pages 851-861


Sabry Ismail Eissa; Eid El saeed Abdelaziz; Abdelwahed Mahmuod Hassan; Yousreya Hashim Mohamed; Sahar El-Sayed Ouda Ahmed; laila Mostafa Elshabiny