Volume & Issue: Volume 55, Issue 6, November and December 2024 
Study Productive and Physiological Performance of Sinai Laying HensS Supplemented with Fatty Acids During Late Period

Pages 1499-1512


Marwa Hosni Abd El-Maged; Soheir Abdelnaby Shazley; Doaa Mohamed Yassein; Shereen Salama Ghoneim; Yaser S. Rizk; Mohamed Mahmoud Soliman; Hasan Hasan Abd El -karim Abd El -Halim

Incidence of aac(6′)-Ib-cr Mediated by Class 1 Integrons in Aeromonas Species Isolated from Diseased Oreochromis niloticus

Pages 1553-1559


Abdelgayed M. Younes; Alkhateib Y. Gaafar; Elham S. Awad1; Waleed S. Soliman; Marwa B. Salman; Mohamed F. Eida3; Laila A. Mohamed

Examining The impact of Chitosan and Nano-Chitosan Addition on The expression Levels of SOD and CAT Genes in Two Lines of Japanese Quail

Pages 1637-1648


Gomaa Said Ramadan; Marwa Hosni Abd El-Maged; Doaa M.M. Yassein; Mai A El-Tarras; hassan A.H. Abdel-Halim; Ahmed Mosaad Abdelsalam; Amal A Abdel-Halim

Efficiency of MTT and Trypan Blue Assays for Detection of Viability and Recovery of Different Frozen Cell Lines

Pages 1649-1657


mohamed Fahmy azzoz; mostafa amin zaghloul; Maha Magdy sayed; heba mohamed soliman; Nermin mohamed mounir; Nehal kamal abdel shakour; Wahid Hussein El-Dabae; saleh esmate aly

The Impact of Layer Strains Genotype on Egg Quality and Eggshell Ultrastructural

Pages 1751-1763


Esteftah Mohamed El-Komy; Ahmed Mosaad Abdelsalam; Gomaa Said Ramadan; Amal A Abdel-Halim