Volume & Issue: Volume 55, Issue 5, September and October 2024 
Influence of Some Herbals on Immunostimulation of Cellular Immunity in Experimentally Ndv-Vaccinated Chicks

Pages 1171-1181


Asmaa Zain Eldeen; Abdelgayed M. Younes; khaked Mohamed El-bayoumi; Abdelhamid Bazid,; mohammad mahmoud Effat; Nourhan Mohamed Adel Ibrahim Eissa; Marwa MA Salman; Mohammed AboElkhair

Use of Melatonin as a Pre-anesthetic Agent

Pages 1197-1203


Mohammed Khalid Shindala; Sawsan Mohammad Amin; Douaa Haitham Abdulrzzaq

Experimental Ivermectin Poisoning in Rabbits with Trial For Treatment

Pages 1205-1216


Mohammed Mosleh Shwaish; Mustafa Salah Hasan; Ahmed Sami Jarad; Falah Muosa Kadhim AL-Rekabi

Comparative Study Among Boer, Damascus and Their Crossbred Goats: Performance, Digestion, Nutritive Values and Blood Parameters

Pages 1229-1237


Sawsan Ahmed Mansour; Walid Mohamed El-Sayed Shakweer; Gamal Abou Ward; Hamed Abdelaziz Ali Omer; Soad El Naggar

The Effect of Adding Azolla Plant Powder in Quail Diets on The Carcass Traits and Some Blood Traits

Pages 1251-1255


Qana hussein Hussein AL-Jabari; Ahmed Ghafoor Baker; Sameerah Hussein Amen; Ahmed Sami Shaker

Prevalence of Brucellosis in Ruminants and The Risk of Human Exposure in Rural Delta of Egypt

Pages 1257-1269


Mahmoud M. Eltholth; Ekram W. Abd El‐Wahab; Mohamed A. Salem; Nour H. Abdel-Hamid; Mohamed El‑Diasty; Mohammed Eldehiey; Yassien Badr; Yumna A. Elsobky; Essam E.K. Ahmed; Mai R. Zaffan; Yamen M. Hegazy

Dynamics of Haemonchus Contortus Coproantigen Appearance in Feces of Experimentally Infected Sheep

Pages 1307-1314


Hatem Shalaby; Omnia Kandil; Seham Hendawy; Bassma S M Elsawy; Heba M Z Ashry; Amira El-Namaky; Emad B Ata

Impact of Reproductive Status, Body Condition Score, and Locality on Hormonal, and Some Blood Metabolites in Egyptian Buffaloes

Pages 1387-1396


Seham Samir Soliman; Amro mohamed El-sanea; Omaima Mohamed Kandil; Amal mahmoud Aboelmaaty; Ahmed Sabry Abdoon

survey for Infection Rate of Otodectes cynotis Parasite in Cats at Fallujah City

Pages 1417-1421


Mohammed Ali Hussein; Mustafa Salah Hasan; Ahmed Emad Abood; Waleed Hamid Farhan