Volume & Issue: Volume 50, The 8th lnternational Conference of Veterinary Research Division (NRC) Cairo, Egypt , 3rd-5th December, 2019, December 2019, Pages 1-300 
Preliminary Detection of Rickettsiae Using PCR Targeting OmpA Gene Among Dogs and Horses in Cairo, Egypt

Pages 1-8


Hend H.A.M. Abdullah; Amal El-Molla; Fayez A. Saleb; Alaa A Ghazy; Nesreen A.T. Allam; Sobhy Abdelshafy

Use of Genetic Method for Investigating of Salmonella typhimurium and Salmonella Dublin Isolated From Local Cows in Iraq

Pages 63-68


Halah A. Awadh; Hibayounis khalaf; Hala M Majeed; Nawar A. Jasim; Bashar S. Noomi; Nihad A. Jafar; Nawaf N. Dhaher

Effect of Metamizole (Dipyrone) on Blood and Histological Pictures of Liver and Spleen in Rats

Pages 89-94


B. Kh. Hameed; R. M. Fadhil; Rasha Sh. Hussain; Buthina A. Abdullah; Kh. A. Hadi; Wassan S. Obid; D. H. Hadree; Enaam A. Gabori; Nadya E. Mustafa