Use of Genetic Method for Investigating of Salmonella typhimurium and Salmonella Dublin Isolated From Local Cows in Iraq

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1 College of Science, Tikrit University, Iraq

2 College of Veterinary Medicine, Tikrit University, Iraq.

3 College of Medicine, Ibin Senaa University, Iraq

4 College of Veterinary Medicine, Tikrit University, Iraq


This study carried out in Salahaldeen province in period January to September 2019. The aims of this study were to investigate the incidence of salmonella typhimurium and salmonella dublin in cow by using of PCR test.
The results of current study showed that salmonella species isolation from cow in rate of 13.3% by culture methods, high of them from aborted cows in rate of 22.2%. Result of PCR test showed that salmonella typhimurium and salmonella Dublin detection in rate of 55% and 25% respectively while other salmonella species detected in rate of 20% from total salmonella isolates .
Salmonellosis is one of most important zoonotic dangerous diseases, caused by bacteria return to genera of salmonella (1). Salmonella is gram negative bacilli, non-spore forming , non-capsulated, motile by Peritrichous Flagella except S. gallinarum and S. pullorum . lactose and sucrose non ferment while ferment of glucose, maltose and sorbetoil (2).