Volume & Issue: Volume 54, Issue 7, November and December 2023, Pages 1-500 (The Scientific Conference of Kafr Elsheikh University (One World.......One Health, 5th– 8th October 2022)) 
Hepatic Safety in Rats Fed on Fructose, Glucose, or Sucrose When Combine with A Moderate Fat Diet

Pages 1-10


Nasr E. Nasr; Azza M. Elkattawy; Khaled A. Kahilo; Kadry M. Sadek; Sameh A. Abd Elhady; Hanan Elsawy; Doaa A. Dorghamm

Effect of Partial Substitution of Soybean Meal by Optigen on digestion, Rumen Fermentation, and Productive Performance of Buffalo Calves

Pages 95-104


Nabil Eweedah; Abdel El-Salam Mosa Metwally; El_Sayed Mohamed Abdel-Rouf; Mostafe Mohamed Alaidy; Mostafa Shukry Ataa; Mahmoud El_Sayed El_Sarawy

Assessment The Relationship Between High-Fat Diet Feeding and Male Infertility in Albino Rats

Pages 139-148


Nasr Nasr; Khaled A. Kahilo; Kadry M. Sadek; Tarek Abouzed; Heba Shawky; Hanan Elsawy; Mustafa Shukry; Doaa A. Dorghamm

Productive Performance of Lactating Buffaloes Fed Different Types of Silages During Summer Period

Pages 157-165


Abdelhmeed Abdelhmeed Srour; Said Ahmed Mahmoud; Nabil Mohamed Eweedah; Mahmoud Mohamed Bendary

Copper Nanoparticles Improve Growth Performance and Modulate Biochemical and Lipid Profiles in Broilers Exposed to Chronic Heat Stress

Pages 167-179


Abeer A. K. Kirrella; Rasha A. Al-Wakeel; Karima El-Naggar; Radi A. Mohamed; Safaa E. Abdo; Ibrahim El-Mehaseeb; Mohammed Abu El-Magd; Seham El-Kassas

Evaluation of The In vitro Inhibitory Effects of Etoposide On The Growth of Babesia and Theileria Parasites

Pages 211-219


Mahmoud AbouLaila; Soad Menshawy; Besheer G. Elshafey; Ahmed E. Osman; Naoaki Yokoyama; Ikuo Igarashi; Amer R. Abdelaziz

Effect of Using Low Doses of PGF2α and GnRH Hormones on Reproduction of Dairy Cows

Pages 237-244


Mohamed Abuelhamd; Abdel El-Salam Metwally; Zahia Ghallab; Yasser El-Diahy; Mohamed Hegazy; Zghloul El-Ghamry

Using Statistical Tests for Examination of Reproductive System Disease Losses in Dairy Farms.

Pages 245-252


Mohammed Ibrahim Marie; Mahmoud Mohammed El-tarabany; Sanad Atallah Sanad; Fatma Mohammed Desoukey

Epidemiological Pattern and Diagnostic Approaches to Enterotoxaemia Among Young Ruminants in Kafrelsheikh Governorate, Egypt

Pages 253-259


Yamen Hegazy; Atef F Oreiby; HasabAllah ABOU ELGHAIT; Mohamed Hegazy; Alaa EL- MENEISY; Ramadan Selim; Mohamed Salem; Magdy AL-Gaabary