Performance of Lactating Buffaloes as Affected by Partial Substation of Berseem by Maize and Maize Teosinte Hybrid Silage During Winter Season in Egypt.

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1 Production Sector, Agriculture Research Center, Egypt..

2 Animal production, Department. Facult, Agriculture. Kafr El-Sheikh University, Egypt.

3 Department of Animal Production, faculty of agriculture, Kafre El-Sheikh, University, Egypt

4 Animal Production, Research Institute, Agriculture Research Center,Egypt.


Nine lactating buffaloes between 2nd and 5th of lactating season , weighting 550-650 kg used after 6-8 weeks of calving through ''Swing-over design'' to study the performance of lactating buffaloes as affected by partial replacement of fresh berseem (FB) by maize silage (MS) or maize teosinte hybrid silage (THS). Control ration (CR) contained: 9.0% concentrate feed mixture (CFM) + 66.0% fresh berseem (FB) + 25.0% rice straw (RS). TRI contained: 15.0 % CFM + 35% FB + 20.0 % RS +30 % MS. While TR2 contained 15.0% CFM + 34.0% FB+20.0%RS+31.0% THS. Results indicated that all of the experimental rations were nearly similar expect DM and NFE. The differences in milk yield between CR and TR2 were a highly significant while no significant differences between both the TR1 and TR2 groups. There were no significant differences in all milk contents. The feed intake of DMI, TDNI and DCPI were nearly similar. Buffaloes fed TR1 and TR2 recorded the best feed efficiency compared with CR. The net revenue increased by feeding TRI and TR2. The inclusion of MS and THS in traditional winter rations led to increase daily yield of 7.0% FCM compared with control group, improve economic efficiency and could be save about 50% of FB produced which can be conserve it as silage or hay reduce cultivated berseem area by 53.75% to increase wheat production.


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Volume 54, Issue 7 - Serial Number 7
The Scientific Conference of Kafr Elsheikh University (One World.......One Health, 5th– 8th October 2022)
November and December 2023
Pages 105-113
  • Receive Date: 15 October 2023
  • Revise Date: 16 October 2023
  • Accept Date: 19 October 2023