Volume & Issue: Volume 53, Issue 1, April 2022, Pages 1-150 
Evaluation of Phycocyanin Promoter Function in Bacteria by Investigating the Expression of HBsAg

Pages 99-109


Nargess Abdali; Seyed Kamal Kazaemitabar; Mohammad Reza Naghavi; Farhad Shahsavar; Reza Tabaripour; Ahmad Ismaili

Identification of SNPs in Intron 3 of Osteopontin Gene in Egyptian Buffalo Bulls with High and Low Quality Semen

Pages 111-120


Mahmoud H. Hasanain; Karima Gh. M. Mahmoud; Youssef F. Ahmed; Hassan R. Darwish; Afifi A. EL-Menoufy; Sayed T. Ismail