Author = khaled El-bayoumi
Influence of Some Herbals on Immunostimulation of Cellular Immunity in Experimentally Ndv-Vaccinated Chicks

Volume 55, Issue 5, September and October 2024, Pages 1171-1181


Asmaa Zain Eldeen; Abdelgayed M. Younes; khaked Mohamed El-bayoumi; Abdelhamid Bazid,; mohammad mahmoud Effat; Nourhan Mohamed Adel Ibrahim Eissa; Marwa MA Salman; Mohammed AboElkhair

Identification and sequencing of Genotype VII of Newcastle disease virus from chicken flocks in six Egyptian Governorates

Volume 48, Issue 1, June 2017, Pages 31-41


Hager Magdy Ahmed; Mohamed Mahrous Amer; khaled El-bayoumi; sameh Ahmed Amer; moh abd el aziz Kutkat