Benzothiazinones PBTZ169 And BTZ0 43 Innovative Medicines For Re emergent Killer Tuberculosis

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TODAY Tuberculosis kills 3 persons per minute world wide. It is leading cause of death and resurgent disease in developed countries.
In India the Annual status report on TB published by TB control division ministry of health and family welfare shows that over 15.22 lakh patients are registered for TB treatment of the total 2.77 lakh are from Utar Pradish (UP) alone. So, there is an urgent need of new drugs for tuberculosis treatment , with novel mechanism of action and moreover necessity to identify new drug targets.
Two different classes of most promising drugs: BTZ043 and PBTZ 169 were found to be as as potent agents for treatment of tuberculosis ,which were developed as an European FP7 project and had  proven very effective against the disease .They attack the bacterium strong point –the cell wall , which forms an impenetrable shield against antibiotics and the patients` immune system. They are not expensive to  produce and they are relatively easy to synthesize.