Role of Osteogenic Supplement in Reducing Orthodontic Relapse: Rabbit Model Study

Document Type : Original Article


1 1Department of Pedodontics Orthodontics Preventive dentistry, College of Dentistry, University of Mosul, IRAQ

2 2Department of Pedodontics Orthodontics Preventive dentistry, College of Dentistry, University of Mosul, IRAQ

3 Department of biochemistry, college of Medicine, Ninevah university, IRAQ.


Orthodontic Relapse is a significant problem associated with orthodontic treatment. Therefore, increase bone density on the relapse side is important to decrease the relapse rate. This study attempted to evaluate the effect of local injection of osteogenic supplement on the rate of orthodontic relapse. Twenty four male albino rabbits were used in this study. The animals were randomly divided into two groups (twelve rabbits in each group), positive control and osteogenic supplement groups. Each main group was subsequently divided into three subgroups (four rabbits in each). Modified orthodontic devices were cemented to the mandibular incisors. Orthodontic tooth movement was conducted for 2 weeks, followed by a retention phase of 3 weeks. Subsequently, the orthodontic appliances were removed, allowing the teeth to relapse over a period of 20 days. During this period, positive control and osteogenic supplement groups received local injection of phosphate buffer saline, and osteogenic supplement solutions, respectively. The relapse was estimated clinically after removal of orthodontic appliance. Histological analyses were carried out following the completion of the experiment. The osteogenic supplement group had a decreased relapse rate compared to the positive control group; but statistically not significant. Histologically, the osteogenic supplement group showed a notable increase in the number of osteoblasts, larger areas of new bone formation, decreased in the number of osteoclasts, and narrower width of the periodontal ligament in most of the experimental periods. So, Local injection of an osteogenic supplement has been found to decrease orthodontic relapse in a rabbit model.


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