Histomorphometricaland Histochemical Seasonal Variations in the Epididymis of Meriz in Kurdistan Region of Iraq

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Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Theriogenology, College of Veterinary Medicine,Duhok University, Duhok, Iraq


THIS STUDY investigated the histomorphometrical and histochemical characteristics of the epididymal duct in 24 sexually mature male Merize bucks across seasons. This duct was divided into six segments; IS of the caput, PS, MS and DS of the corpus and PS and DS of the cauda. The maximum total diameter, epithelial height and luminal diameter of all epididymal segments were significantly higher (p<0.05) in autumn (October) compared to other seasons. The epithelial lining of the epididymal duct consisted of a pseudostratified columnar encompassing five distinct cell types: PCs, BCs, ACs, NCs, and CCs. Intraepithelial glands were notably present exclusively in the IS. PCs had lightly stained nuclei and abundant cytoplasm indicating increased activity during autumn compared to darkly stained nuclei and scant cytoplasm in other seasons. The cytoplasmic granules, apical blebs, stereocilia and secretion of the PCs as well as cytoplasmic granules and globules of the BCs along with the secretion of intraepithelial glands exhibited a strong positive reaction for PAS and Diastase-PAS stains during autumn and a moderate reaction with same stains during other seasons indicating the presence of neutral glycoproteins. Furthermore, the stereocilia showed a strong reaction with AB (pH 2.5) in autumn and a moderate reaction during other seasons showing the presence of acid mucopolysaccharides. ACs, NCs and CCs were more numerous in autumn, winter and spring but less in summer. Immune cells were consistently present throughout the epididymal duct in all seasons. The PMC was thick and the ICT contained numerous blood vessels in autumn. 


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Volume 55, Issue 7 - Serial Number 7
Special Issue Dr. Mahmoud F. Nawito (1939-2023)
November and December 2024
Pages 1837-1855
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