The Exophthalmos of Eyes as An Unusual and Unregistered Sign of Mycoplasma wenyonii Infection in Newborn Calves in Basrah, Iraq

Document Type : Case Study


Veterinary internal and preventive Medicine College of Veterinary Medicine University of Basrah, Iraq


Exophthalmos with bulging and edema of both eyes was detected as an unusual and unregistered sign of Mycoplasma wenyonii infection in cross-bred newborn calves in Basrah, Iraq. Three male cross-bred calves 4- 10 days old, show different clinical signs, A blood sample of 2.5 mL was drawn from the jugular vein of each newborn calf in. The blood was mixed with EDTA to obtain the total erythrocyte count, level of Hemoglobin, packed cell volume, total leukocyte count using automatic fully digital cell counter. The stained blood smears were used for detection of the microorganism, Moreover, the microorganism was confirmed by the polymerase chain reaction technique . Exophthalmos in diseased newborn calves can affect both eyes (bilateral) or only one eye (unilateral). Furthermore, calves also showed increased abdominal respiration with panting, recumbency, inability to stand, pale mucus membranes, small hemorrhagic patches on the skin, and enlargement of superficial lymph nodes. Vital signs were also increased (body temperature, respiratory and heart rates). It has been concluded that the exophalmous of eyes in infected animals with Mycoplasma wenyonii should be added as a new clinical sign through which the disease can be suspected and inferred.


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